Katy United Volleyball Club was established in Katy, Texas in 2014. Katy United Volleyball is excited to be able to serve the Katy and surrounding area volleyball community. Our goal as a club is for our athletes to compete and be successful at the highest level in the nation. We will continue to build a tradition of excellence and passion as we train every athlete in our gym to their highest potential.

Katy United is committed to developing elite athletes who carry themselves with excellence on and off the court. The life lessons experienced in our program will influence the direction and identity of each athlete. The Katy United family will help you grow as an athlete and a person.  Come see the impact Katy United can make in your student athlete.

We have working relationships with FCA, Sports Recruits, Adidas Sports Gear, Vert Team Systems, PCA Coach’s Training and Sports CRM website.


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