Our mission is to cultivate an atmosphere of excellence and passion as we train our athletes to compete and succeed at the highest national levels. We strive to develop the whole athlete (mind, body, and spirit) through teaching Judeo-Christian principles, high values, good morals, and faith.


We chose the name Katy “United” because we want to unite all Katy volleyball players and potential players in one gym. As a premier volleyball club, with highly trained coaches, our purpose here is to focus on the development of our athlete’s skills and their ability to complete as highly competitive volleyball players. At KU, your players will be in an environment that fosters valuable life skills such as respect, teamwork, responsibility, and commitment.


2013-2014 was our inaugural year as FO1 Volleyball and we are grateful for the 4 seasons we have had with FO1. We are truly thankful for the help and support they gave us and our athletes. Our first season we had 10 teams and now with the addition of our Starlights program (formerly NRG) we have over 20 teams. With the growth of our volleyball division, it was in the best interest of all to transition to Katy United Volleyball. We are looking forward to our next venture as Katy United Volleyball.