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2020 – 2021 Club Tryouts

Click to Register for Tryouts

Club Tryouts

July 13th July 14th July 15th
14’s: 10AM – 2PM 13’s: 10AM – 2PM 17/18’s: 10AM – 2PM
15’s: 4PM – 8PM 16’s: 4PM – 8PM 11/12’s: 4PM – 8PM

We highly recommend your player be at the regular tryouts. If the dates absolutely do not work for your family, you may attend an early evaluation. If your daughter doesn’t tryout until “Makeup Tryouts”, please understand teams could be full or only looking for specific positions. It’s always your player’s best interest to be at regular tryouts.

What to Do the Day Before Tryouts:

  1. Register (if you have not already done so)
  2. Fill out the (3) online Sign Now E-Documents
  3. Read through Tryout Letter from Director [click here]
  4. Get verification of birth certificate (new players only)Please send a copy of birth certificate for age verification to tiffanyd@katyunited.com prior to tryout day. This year we will not be keeping a physical copy.
  5. No wallet sized picture necessary this year
  6. No checks for commitment fees will be accepted this year. $600 Katy United Commitment Fee will be invoiced on your account to be paid electronically if a position is accepted.

What Not to Bring to Tryouts:

  1. No Backpacks or Bags
  2. No Refillable Water Bottles (disposable water bottles only)
  3. No Cellphones
  4. No Food

What to Expect Upon Arrival at Tryouts:

  1. Body temperature will be taken at check-in. 99.5 or higher will be asked to leave.
  2. All players must wear face masks covering nose and mouth until instructed to be removed.
  3. Only one parent per player will be allowed to enter the gym.
  4. Parent entering gym must wear face mask or covering at all times once they enter the gym.
  5. Please limit items parent brings into the gym (ex. cellphone and keys only). Katy United Volleyball is not responsible for items left in vehicle. Please leave valuable items at home and ensure vehicles are locked upon exiting.

How to Register:

Please Register On-line by creating an account*, add player as a family member and register her for the correct tryout age division (see age definition chart).

*If you already have an account on our website/SportsCRM, please DO NOT create a new account. Use your existing account. If you don’t remember your password, email tiffanyd@katyunited.com to reset your password for you.

View Katy United 2020-2021 Club Fee Form
Click to Register for Tryouts

Age Classification for the 2020 – 2021 Season

Click Here to View Age Definition Chart and Determine Age Divison

Pre-Tryout Evaluation

$75 Online Registration |  $100 Walk Up

July 7th July 9th
5PM – 7PM 5PM – 7PM

Pre tryout evaluations are for players who can’t attend their age group’s tryout date. We ask all of our players to do everything in their power to attend their actual tryout as it gives you the best chance. This option is only for players who absolutely can’t make their tryouts.

Group Make Up Tryouts

$75 Online Registration | $100 Walk Up

July 19th
All Ages: 1PM – 3PM